Skrulls vs. White Martians

Skrulls vs. White Martians

Two terrorist organizations bent on world domination. Two charismatic and fanatical leaders obsessed with serpent imagery. Two vast armies with a seemingly limitless supply of cannon fodder. This week on Contest of Champions, it’s HYDRA versus Cobra Command!


HYDRA was born when the Nazi officer Baron von Strucker, sent by the Red Skull to Japan to establish a power base there, usurped a politically minded branch of the ninja syndicate the Hand. Breaking off his affiliation with the failing Nazi Party, von Strucker built HYDRA into an international criminal organization, taking advantage of technology stolen from the Gnobians, an alien race who crash landed in Germany during World War II, and further developing it through its research branch, Advanced Idea Mechanics. Agents of HYDRA swear a death oath to the organization, pledging “Cut off a limb, and two more shall take its place!”

Cobra Command

Led by the mysterious Commander, Cobra operates as a shadowy terrorist and paramilitary organization. Utilizing various legitimate and criminal front organizations, like the security company Extensive Enterprises, as well as a religious cult called the Coil, Cobra operates by undermining and eventually usurping already reeling sovereign nations. Cobra’s elaborate hierarchy includes such leaders as the Commander; the Baroness, Cobra’s director of intelligence; Serpentor, religious leader of the Coil; and Destro, Cobra’s primary arms provider.

Voting ended on: Friday September 16th, 2011, 5:00pm

Timmy/Hydra beat Miles/Cobra